Cyber Security Overview

Cyber Security

Don't leave Cyber Security to faith, hope or luck.

What We Do

We combine Behavioral Science and Computer Science to deliver fully developed security solutions. Understanding your employees, anticipating the hackers and providing network security structures and technology provides a truly integrated solution.

Don't leave Cyber Security to faith, hope or luck. We know how hackers attack networks and why and how to prevent intrusions. 90% of attacks enter through employee interactions. Employees must receive on-going training to recognize the threat and be rewarded for positive behavior to ensure continuous vigilance. Networks must be secure to prevent breaches. Data must be structured to mitigate losses and alert authorities should an attacker be successful.

We offer an integrated suite of the following capabilities.


A proven, proprietary system for evaluating employee risk-factors then tailoring training and on-going reinforcement simulations to address individual, division and business unit needs. We parse risks by job and by employee and tailor our solution to your company’s needs. Our methodology has been shown to reduce the likelihood of succumbing to a phishing attack by more than 80%.

At the same time, we monitor hacking attacks to understand hackers’ methods and motivations and automatically adjust our training and simulations accordingly. Hackers are devious, but Ransomware-as-a-Service has made large-scale hacks more predictable. We evaluate attacks on clients to determine the scope of the threat and further adjust our approach. We also develop forensic data to enable law enforcement to go after the hackers at the source.

We take our active approach further by testing websites and passwords across the enterprise to ensure good Cyber Security principles are being employed. Our on-going penetration testing provides an active defense against cyber threats.


TechMIS IT Engineers and Security Analysts develop data structures and state-of-the-art security tools to prevent technical intrusions. If prevention fails, we ensure our clients detect the intrusion and mitigate the damage. We consult with you and review your cyber architecture and infrastructure. We identify areas of cyber vulnerability in both hardware and software systems and develop a detailed blueprint to ensure the security of your IT infrastructure.

  • Identify Hardware and Software vulnerabilities
  • Structure and compartmentalize data to ensure functionality while limiting damage.
  • Security Policy Analysis
  • ISO Compliance


Post-attack, we help you get back to full functionality. We have extensive experience managing and closing security breaches. Our goal is to reduce your recovery time, costs and damage.

  • Intrusion Detection and Analysis
  • Incident Response
  • Recovery and Remediation